Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Republican racket (which isn't tennis)

Molly Ivins takes it to the reThuglicans..


Creators Syndicate

AUSTIN - Sometimes it helps to draw back from what's going on, to see if any patterns emerge from the chaos of daily events.

In the news biz, attempts to see the Big Picture are known as thumbsuckers and regarded with appropriate contempt. On the famous other hand, it's also sometimes the only way to see the much bigger stories that seep and creep all around us without anyone ever calling a news conference, or issuing talking points, or having gong-show debate over them.

Everybody and his dog in the political commentating trade now agrees that the Bush administration is experiencing hard times -- the going is getting tough, and George W. Bush is getting testy.

It seems to me what we are looking at was put best by noted journalist Billy Don Moyers, formerly of Marshall, who was home recently and observed that the Republican right came to Washington to start a revolution and stayed to run a racket. It has become a game of ideological flimflam, a scam in which all manner of distracting hoo-hah -- abortion, judicial activism, even "the war on terra" -- is used to obscure the fact that the government has been taken over by people who are using it to make money for themselves and their friends.

In the business world, this is called "control fraud," and it refers to an organization, like Enron or Tyco, that is rotten at the head. One of the key figures in this web of malfeasance is Jack Abramoff, the super-lobbyist, top fund-raiser for Bush's re-election and close buddy of Rep. Tom DeLay -- himself the architect of the "K Street Strategy" to convert the entire business lobby into the fund-raising arm of the Republican Party in return for whatever legislative favors the major donors want..

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